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Children make up a large and significant segment of Covenant Church. We strive to help them know Jesus Christ personally through all of our ministries, including Sunday School, Pioneer Club, Summer Camp (SAIL Club), and Youth Fellowship. These ministries enable fellowship in a Christian community and help children not only collect “head knowledge”, but also apply biblical teachings into everyday life.

Pastor Phillip oversees all of these ministries with an eye on outreach as well as the discipleship of the children. Parents are an integral part of the program, and we encourage each of them to participate in the church activities and raise their children with the love of Christ.

Children Sunday School

A time of learning about who Jesus is and what He has done for us.  It is not what is sounds like—it’s more than just book knowledge. The learning happens in a creative environment designed appropriately for each age group.

Children’s Worship

We believe in family worship—you’re welcome to keep your children with you during the entire service. We also know, however, that many youngsters prefer a program designed especially for them. So we also provide children’s worship service for kids, ages 5 to 12, which commences just before the pastoral sermon. Children start with their parents at 11am and will be dismissed by the worship leader. Downstairs, your children are led by an adult(s) who will teach them about God using games, slide shows, crafts, and other age-appropriate activities.

Chinese School 

This is a ministry to the community, and provides an opportunity for children of all ages to learn Chinese, both reading and writing, and also speak in the Cantonese dialect.  Our staff of dedicated Christian teachers will hopefully help your children learn not only Chinese but also how to be a better person. Contact Rachel for more information.

Nursery & Toddler Care

Got a young family? Don’t let that stop you from coming to worship the Lord! Our team of volunteers rotates monthly and will cheerfully watch your young child(ren) during our 11:00am worship service.

Pioneer Club

Pioneer Club is a Friday afternoon program for kids, ages 5-12 years old.  We meet from 4:30-6:30pm at Covenant Church, from October to early June.  During this time, your kids are in a loving, safe environment enjoying songs, Bible stories and themed activities at each meeting.  We also have picnics and special celebrations during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a drama production for Easter.  Kids have fun while learning  about the God who loves and cares for them. Contact Daisy for more information.




(Summer Adventure in Learning) is an exciting 2 week full day (9am – 4pm) summer camp for kids, ages 5-12.  It’s usually held the first two weeks right after July 4th.  We have a structured program combining lessons about God, arts & crafts, and active games/activities in the park.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have field trips to swimming pools and local amusement parks.  Most of all, kids enjoy the fun and loving environment with tasty, freshly-cooked hot meals which are prepared on the church premises.
Even in 2 short weeks, children build meaningful relationships with each other and learn to personally know the God who shapes their lives.

Youth Fellowship (grades 7 to 12):

Our revamped Youth Fellowship meets most Friday nights at Covenant Church—8:00pm to 10:00pm.

We exist to UNITE teens in Christ, to help MATURE their Faith, and to GLORIFY God by LOVING and REACHING OUT to others. After joint worship with Middle School and High School groups together, we typically break out into different activities: games, talk sheets, acts of mercy (Operation Christmas Child), Bible study, movies, preparing (and eating) food, and MUCH MORE. Occasionally we have special events on the weekend—outings, local BBQs, even fasting to raise money for World Vision! All youth from grades 7 to 12 are welcome—and several of our regular attendees are “guest” students who don’t attend Covenant Church regularly. Come and join us! Contact Susan for details about any given Friday or if you’d like to be added to our fellowship’s weekly mailing list.

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