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One of the most important purposes of the church is to proclaim Christ to a hurting world. The church is to speak of the love of Christ to a world that is filled with suffering and pain. Not only is the church to tell of Christ’s love but also to show forth His love in real ways. Bringing forth the Word of God is not only the work of a select few in the church but for all who follow Christ.

The church seeks to equip, prepare, and provide opportunities for every member to be credible witnesses for Christ. It is our joy to see those who do not know the love of Christ discover how they can experience Christ’s love for themselves.


Evangelism Explosion Ministry

Many of the followers of Christ feel inadequate to share Christ to others. They don’t know what to say or how to go about sharing their faith in Christ with anyone. The church provides training and real opportunities for Christians to get their feet wet, to get over the fear, and to experience the joy of sharing with others what Christ has done for us. This is a life-changing experience that enables all believers to be great witnesses of what the Lord has done in their lives. Come and be equipped!

Missions Ministry

We live busy lives, which translates into the fact that we barely have enough time and energy to take care of ourselves. However, Christ calls us not to live just for ourselves but to care for others throughout the world. Through missions, the church recognizes that the entire world needs to hear about the love of Christ. We seek to participate in reaching out to the world by supporting missionaries and missionary agencies around the world. We also encourage our members to experience the mission field for themselves by giving them a chance to join our short term mission teams. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! How are your feet?

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