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Philosophy of Ministry


Our theological understanding of the Reformed faith and the form of church government shall be made clear to the newcomer and prospective member, not as an obstacle or barrier, but as a means to become familiar with our church from the very beginning of their involvement.  We seek to help all to understand, embrace as their own, appreciate, and apply the faith of the church in their Christian life.

The Reformed faith is integral to the entire ministry of the church in all its various aspects, in worship, nurture, fellowship, evangelism and mercy.

We believe that God is actively carrying out His eternal plan through His people, Christ’s church, and us seeking understanding and cooperation, wherever possible, with our fellow evangelicals to do ministry in a God-honoring and Biblical way.

We uphold Scripture’s authority on every issue and aspect of ministry of the church.  Scripture is to be the source for our faith and practice in every area of life, with no exception.


Covenant Church is a bi-cultural and bi-lingual church.  We seek to develop parallel ministries to serve both Cantonese and English-speaking people.

We seek to understand the contemporary situation to best communicate the Gospel and establish the church of Christ in the bi-cultural context of the Chinese community of North America.

Spiritual Growth

We are committed to the growth of each person in real spiritual power, depth, and maturity.  We are concerned primarily with the maturity and development of individual Christians to Godly living and service.  Christian education requires daily application.

We are committed to developing well-balanced Christians that are not over-worked but are encouraged to give proper attention to every area of their life—family, church, work, school, interests, etc.

We seek the spiritual welfare of every person in their different life situations, of married couples, singles, children, elderly, as well as people in every age group.

We want to develop a ministry that will develop the family as a whole, nurturing and providing growth opportunities in ministry that involve the entire family.

Ministry by the people

We endeavor to provide every member a meaningful form of ministry that will best utilize the gifts God has given to them.  We seek to equip each member by providing training in spirituality, doctrine, and practical ministry.

As training is essential to the ministry of the church, we are committed to provide training in light of the Word of God, which is not only theoretical but applicable and concrete.  We believe that the work of the church is accomplished through the involvement and ministry of the people of God.  The ministry does not fall upon nor is dominated by the leaders, but is shared by the body of Christ as a whole.

We will impart to every member the doctrine, vision, and philosophy of the church so that they can be in general agreement with them and support the church, not doing anything to promote positions directly contrary to the churches.  However, we accept a variety of opinions and promise to dialogue with fellow evangelicals within a Biblical-based framework.

We believe that the women have an important role in the church and we seek to utilize their gifts according to Biblical standards.  In this we are committed to concretely applying Biblical principles to enable women to fulfill God’s call to them in the church.

We seek excellence in all our endeavors as it reflects upon the character of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


While the elders set the spiritual direction of the church, the people are expected to be an integral and participatory part in making Covenant Church a place where the presence and power of Christ is evident.

The leaders are to lead by example as well as direction.  The leaders are to serve as servants of the Word.  They are to be committed to be receptive to a variety of people in listening and dialoguing with them.

We strive for a team ministry with people of varied gifts and backgrounds, personalities, and operating styles.  We seek to delegate responsibilities and accountability through a system of committees accountable to the Session.  Through the committees, the multi-faceted work of the church is normally carried out.


The worship of God is the very essence of the Christian life.  The worship service is committed to honor to God as well as manifest God’s true presence and be a witness to the community around us.

The worship service shall preach the power of the Gospel of Christ—Christ crucified, resurrected, and ascended.

The worship service is a Christian’s spiritual service to God and not an option of our choice; all are encouraged not only to attend but to participate.

Discipleship & Evangelism 

Evangelism is a dimension of the church which is to be integrated into every aspect of the church’s ministry as we seek to spread the Kingdom of God.

We attempt to make every part of our ministry understandable to the community, as we witness to them.  We endeavor to orient our ministry to enable the non-believer to truly encounter the presence of Christ, wherever possible.

We seek to develop ministries that are uniquely suited for every person.  We are committed to disciple each member to be effective servants of Christ, equipped for every good work.

The church is a mission minded one; involvement in missions is our responsibility both abroad and at home.  We are to share in the worldwide work of the body of Christ, not only to the Chinese but to all nationalities and ethnic groups.

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