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Purpose Statement

WE believe that God has placed us in Whitestone to provide men, women, and children with a church where they can worship God in simplicity and in truth; grow in their knowledge, trust, and love of God; and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the company of other Christians.

WE are committed to reach men, women, and children in the Whitestone area with the good news of Jesus Christ; we have a special concern for Chinese people, and all people without regard to culture or language are welcome in our ministry.

WE proclaim a powerful God who is Ruler of the whole universe; we proclaim Jesus Christ, the only hope and Savior for sinners dead in their natural condition; we proclaim the Holy Spirit who transforms lives and enable believers to live in a way pleasing to God; we preach from the Bible which is inerrant and is the highest and only authority in faith and practice (and where the Bible speaks on history and science, it is free from error).  We believe that God calls the church to preach the whole counsel of God faithfully, to administer the Lord’s Supper and Baptism in accordance with the Bible’s commands, to exercise discipline among the believers in the church, and to love one another with the love of Christ.

WE believe that the leadership in a church is vested in the elders of the church and that leadership in the whole church is vested in the courts of the church (General Assembly, Presbytery, and Session).  We believe that children of believers are entitled to the blessings, and obliged to fulfill the obligations, of the covenant which God made with Abraham (Genesis 17:7).  Therefore they are to be baptized as a sign and seal of their covenant membership.

WE  are committed to promote strong, Christian families in the city; we are committed to promote healthy communities; we are committed to minister in New York City.

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